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Verona High School Class of 1959 55th Reunion 

Classmate 55th Reunion Registration and Information Form

Your Name:*

Street Address:
Street Address #2:
City, State, Zip Code:
Telephone #:*
e-mail address:*

55th Reunion Questions:

Are you planning on attending the 55th Reunion? Yes   No 
If "Yes" the number of people attending?
When do you plan to arrive? Thursday   Friday  Saturday  
Do you wish to invite members of other VHS Classes? Yes  No  
Are you interested in playing golf? Yes   No   
If "Yes" which day would you like to play? Friday   Saturday   
Are you planning on staying at the Reunion Base Wilshire Grand Hotel? Yes   No
Ideas on how to spend the day Saturday:
Ideas for the 55th Reunion Party:

Classmate Directory Update Questions


Where did you go to college/receive professional training and if you graduated what degree/honors did you earn?

What profession/professions have  you been involved with since graduation from VHS ?
Married? Yes   No   

If Yes, spouses name:

If Yes, did/does your spouse have a profession/career?

Yes   No
If Yes, please describe:
If Yes, did you have children and if so how many?
What are the names & Ages of Children?
Do you have grandchildren? Yes   No 
If Yes the Names and Ages of Grandchildren
Have you done anything special which you are especially proud such as write a book, invent something, find a cure for a disease, write a song, appear in a movie, get elected to congress, earn a Nobel Prize, etc.  If Yes please describe:

Is there anything else of interest you would like to share?

* Required              




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