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Verona High School Class of 1959 50th Reunion 

October 24, 2009

Grand Wilshire Hotel, West Orange, New Jersey



Table & Reunion Dinner Photographs 

Back: Bob Hess, Steve Turro, Ed Skibiak &spouses

Front: Dave Wands, Tom Towne John Flicker &spouses

Back: Janet Loding, Greg Kahn, Ann Sutton, Virginia Davenport, Ted Suess & spouses

Front: Louise Lederer, Rich Camp, Lynn Opdyke  & spouses

Back: Linda Schnetter, Sharon Pechenik, Allen Hunter, Lou Martorelli & spouses

Front: Rose Wurgaft, Florence Goldberg, Carl Esser, Justine Seymour, Linda Askling & Rose Migliara

Back: John Whiting, Tom Ruck, Anne Shlionsky, Steve Buermann & Karen Stoneberg

Front: Buffy Whiting, Bill Flavell, Betsy Gerberg & George Dente

Back: Guy Vanderhoof, Jack De Matteis, Sherman Corwin, Donna Maroot & Keith Peterson

Front: Ginny Linneman, Barbara Swenson, Justine Jorgensen  & spouses

Back: Bob Lange, Fred Johnson, John Keimel & John Ackerman

Front: spouses

Back: Blake Kirby, Cliff De Michele, Richard Caroll & Bruce Callahan

Front: Mike Lombardi, Paul Jennings & spouse

Back:  John Beierle, Marta Wright and spouses
Front: Carol Wood, Gay Harrison, Bev Murphy, Pat Stager & Maureen Curley

Back: John Shankland, Mike Garlock, Richard Fisher & David Morgan

Front: Andrea Deso, Gordon Friedman, Joann Ridolfo, Harvey Pearlman, Cathy Smith, Victor Cestone, Loretta Benaquista & spouse

Back: Don Greco, Carol Spitzmiller, Pat Stager, Justine Christofferson & spouse

Front: Marilyn Hauk, Bettie Barth & Barbara Berke & friend

Back: Gloria Graman, David Levy, Ann Major, John Beierle, & spouses

Front: Gene Sheninger, Loretta Benaquista, Cathy Smith, Dorothy Intile & spouses

Janet Loding, spouse, Steve Buermann and Karen Buermann


Guy dedicated a song to the VHS Class of 1959

Cameras record the event.


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